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Feature Points Referral Code “FREENOW” in May 2021 [Get 50 Feature Points Sign Up Bonus]

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If you are searching for feature points referral code then don’t waste your time anymore to find one. 

Use the feature points referral code “FREENOW” to get 50 Free points to start with the feature point platform.

Note: this promotion and promotional code only for new users who have never tested the platform to earn rewards for doing surveys and cash backs.

Believe it or not, since the start of the platform, it has paid more than $5,800,000 to its users over a period of 9 years. 

Survey is not the only way you can earn points and rewards, you can earn cash back for shopping popular online and in store shops such walmart, gap, microsoft, sephora, macys and many other affiliated stores. 

It is available on both app stores. You can download the app from any device and start to earn bonsu and can get paid via gift cards, Cash, and bitcoin. 

Among the gift card options, the popular are amazon, starbucks, best buy, x box and many others which you are able to find in your app under rewards sections. And as for cash, you can get paid through paypal or Visa debit card.

You need at least 3000 points to get redeemed for gift cards or cash.

One of great features added recently that you can use the web based site, so you do not require apps to earn the point. 

How to sign up for feature points and how feature points referral code work?

The sign up process is simple and easy. You must need the follow the step below and get the bonus to start the using the feature point

  1. Use the link to download the app if you are on mobile or go to the web page and provide your email to get started.
  2. If you already have installed the app and provide it with required information and are waiting for a referral code then follow step 3.
  3. Use the feature point referral code “FREENOW” to get the 50 point reward that can be use toward your redeem credit. 
  4. Enjoy earning points and rewards that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.

Remember, this will only work for new users. Also note that you have skipped the referral code during the signup process, then you will completely lose the point due to there being no option to add referral code once you finish the sign up process. 

So make sure to use the referral code to take advantage of the sign up bonus offer.  If you missed the sign credit, there are other ways you are able to get that bonus. 

These options might or might not work but it’s worth trying.

What you need to do is, delete the account and the app and redownload the app and go through the signup process again and this time use the referral code to get that bonus.

Also, make sure to avoid creating duplicate accounts. If you want to cancel the account then you can do so in the app and you can rejoin the program. Note: we don’t know if we get the referral bonus for using the same email address and same account information. 

What is feature points?

If you still have questions about the feature point and how it works then read this part of the post to get some insight and ideas about the platform.

In short, it is a platform that offers rewards for doing surveys and cash back for purchasing products from its affiliate site. It offers apps which are available to both apps platform ios and android. 

Basically, feature points are similar to many other online platforms that offer reward and redeem for gift cards for cash. 

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