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Free Yelp Ads Credit in 2021 (Yelp Ads Worth it for Your Business Advertising)

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Do you own a small business? Are you looking for free yelp ads credit to start an advertising campaign to get your store in front of potential customers. 

Yelp is such a type of platform that can provide a boost to your store and help you to gain attraction to your business. The concept of yelp is great and powerful enough to think that maybe advertising on yelp will give extra boost that needs to accelerate  in your business. 

Noted: Based on our research, we advise you to stay away from Yelp to advertise the platform due to advertising practice and real high cost per click . We recommend Bing Local Advertising for your local business as it offers $100 free ads credit to start your ads campaign.

Yelp has more than 29 local businesses listed on their website and counting and it is also a review site and that’s a perfect choice to advertise on yelp.

In one word, the answer is yes. But, With Big red warning, the way advertising in Yelp will be frustrating for you. Because, many other businesses have gone through . 

If you look at any review site or comment on yelp advertising platforms, it will blow your mind and say that I was saved from another online scam. Some of yelp business advertisers reported that yelp charge as much as $51 dollars for single ads click. Also, lots of people question the way they track click. Advertising feels the amount of click is reported is not accurate .

Also noted that Yelp has faced numerous lawsuits due to its advertising practice.   

We will discuss in detail why yelp way it is and what is alternative and to get some free ads credit to start advertising your business in the digital world. 

You can $100 in free Bing ads credit to start your local business advertising. It is part of Microsoft advertising network so it will be better for your marketing effort to get in front of new local customers while enjoying this little bonus credit. 

To be noted, you need to start at least $25 dollars to get these free Bing Ads credit. 

Overview of Yelp 

In one word, Yelp is listing directory sites especially popular with local business which include home and service, restaurants, shopping, beauty and fitness and many more. Yelp is the source of finding about 30 million local businesses. 

In terms of popularity of website, yelp hold pretty much good number, according to alexa it hold #81 spots of internet traffic due to organic traffic sent by google. 

The reason behind yelp popularity and power and any other listing directory due to its online presence in major search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing. 

The word “yelp” itself has around 1.5 million search in google which referred to as branded search but in terms of organics traffic yelp gets about 80 million traffic from search engine compare to about 25 M direct traffic and thats make the yelp so powerful and popular in every marketer advertising campaign. 

In total yelp has about 178 million visitors monthly and that is unique visitors that reach the site via mobile and desktop. 

The reason for this huge traffic from internet to yelp is due to search engine optimization and speed that is offered and in one word over all performance of the site. 

Is Yelp worth the cost of advertisement 

As i said earlier that even though yelp is a great platform to get traffic to your business and lead to sales and revenue but  yelp business practice is questionable by many other small businesses who have gone through experience that they didn’t expect from yelp. 

If you search in the internet about the yelp business review, you will find that about 90% of the review is negative and one of the main reasons for that is the way they promote free ads credit offers. 

Basically, yelp will entice you by giving you a starting advertisement credit but they will not tell you the cost of click is. 

One of the posts published by 39 celsius, the title was “ Advertising on Yelp: what you should consider”, in that post about 182 commented and mosted reported that are being scammed by yelp. 

According to sitejabber which is a review site that consumers are engaged in, there are about 453 reviews about yelp advertising, and they have received a 1.1 rating which is a real problem and warning sign for those who want to advertise in yelp ads platform. 

Also, According to, Yelp has received about 2552 complaints and out 2552 complaints, 792 related to advertising/sales, 799 billing/collections, 17 delivery issues, 8 guarantee/warranty and 936 issues related to product or service. You can go through some issues that are faced by current or existing business owners to determine whether yelp is a good fit to advertise with.  

So, after all considerations and cost of advertising in yelp, lead to recommend that it is not a good platform to advertise and better to stay away from such bad practice ads platforms and look for alternative platforms. There are better ads platforms then yelp and some of them are Bing, Google Local, and others.

Final Thought

Our recommendation is that if you really feel that yelp can bring positive roi to your business, go ahead and give a try and find out if it is worth your business and if not then an alternative option is there for you as mentioned earlier. Bing can provide better ROI than any other ads platform depending on your targeting. 

As a general rule of advertising is to test out some advertising platform and based on data you received make a data driven decision to come to a conclusion that will give better results to any future ads campaign and better return on investment that every business owner wishes for and desires. 

We have a post regarding free ads credit to start your business to get viewed by customers who are highly interested in business with you. 


How much does it cost to advertise on Yelp?

It is way dependent on your business category and what type of ads campaign you set up and depend on that in average for less competitive business around $.30 and for high competitive business will be around as much as $40 plus. 

Is it worth it to advertise on Yelp?

As i have mentioned earlier that there is a better alternative ads network that can provide cost per click and better return of investment which is a key factor of any ads campaign and this will determine the success of internet marketing.

Why are Google reviews better than yelp?

In our view, I feel that google reviews are more trustworthy and yelp due the amount of review it has and according to study, yelp reviews are mostly likely to be fake. 

Can you trust yelp?

Some research shows that yelp reviews are not reliable as one study shows that around 20% of reviews are fake. 

Why are yelp reviews lower than Google?

According to our ideas and analysis, show that since yelp is a very niche specific platform and higher competition, that makes it difficult to point out whether the review is fake or not. It is also possible that some businesses have higher ratings due fake positive reviews and again competition makes things worse for yelp and google have better technology to spot fake reviews then yelp.

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