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GetUpside Promo Code 2021: 89W58 To Save on Your Gas in April 2021

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To get a sign up bonus, use GetUpside promo code “89W58” to earn $.95c off per gallon on selected gas stations that you can easily find on the apps and that are near your locations.

In order to get the bonus, make sure to download the apps and us the promo code during the signup process and start fill up the gas

Note: This offer is only available to new users who have never used the GetUpside apps before. If are looking for existing user code then click her to find below regarding this topics

GetUpside Promo Code List – 2021

As of September of 2021, Getupside promo code 89W58 will give up to $.45 per gallon off. Note: First Promo code which is 89W89 for new user only and rest of them for existing users. As New user you can able to apply all the promo code but you need apply the 89W58 PROMO CODE FIRST AND THEN REST to get the maximum bonus.

89W5845¢ per gallon12/31/2023
SHOPPER2020¢ per gallon12/01/2021
SHOPPERS3535¢ per gallon09/30/2021
COMEBACK66¢ per gallon08/31/2021
7CENTBONUS7¢ per gallon08/31/2021

Step by Step Guide to Get the Bonus

  1. Download the app from app store.
  2. Complete the sign up process
  3. Then go to Menu which is 3 line on top left corner of the app and then go to profile
  4. In the Promo code section, press on text called ” Edit” and then enter the promo code ” 89W58″
  5. Then visit gas station to get the rewards

What is GetUpside Apps?

Getupside is a cashback that allows you to earn extra money in many ways such as gas, food, restaurant, and etc. 

If you are looking to earn and save some extra money while doing things daily that you do then getupside can be great apps that need to download on your iphone or android phone. 

Believe me or not, this will save you money on gas and food and the process is pretty much simple and easily. 

In order to earn cashback on your purchase, you need to download the app and sign up with your name and email address and confirm it. 

Then when you fill up gas in a selected gas station that you are able to see on your getupside apps and upload a receipt from the gas station and that’s it . 

It will process it and earn you cash back depending on the offer you have shown on the apps.

No matter what, just download the apps and it will help you earn and save money on gas and find cheap gas deals and earn you some extra discount on your food such as like soda, sandwiches, and coffee, and car services (car wash, oil change, and more) that you purchase from the gas station and other retailer partners that getupside are affiliate with. 

So you will never pay the gas price that every gas station is provided with or begin advertising on the pump or gas dispenser machine. This is going to work with most of the brands that are locally available in almost all the cities in us. 

You can save upto $.25c per gallon on selected gas stations that you can easily find on the apps. 

Getupside is one of the easy to use and fast apps available on apple store or google play for android devices. There are more than 9000 gas stations to find the best and cheapest offer to fill up the gas. 

The process is easy and simple, just open your apps to see local bargains, and pay with debit or credit card, and cnap a photo of receipts. You will receive cash-back in your GetUpside account, which you may withdraw at any time. 

It is like getting extra money, and you get cash-back for buying things you were planning to purchase anyway. Since the offers are up to 25 ¢ per gallon, you can receive more than $ 3.00 each time you fill a 15-gallon tank. 

Do not miss this golden opportunity to save lots of your hard-earned money with GetUpside. If you are not using GetUpside, you are paying too much – more than everyone else.

Follow the more than 10 million users in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Orlando, Tampa, and Texas who are lucky enough to earn more than $ 10,000,000 cash-back, a huge amount though. 

Download the application now and start earning money. You will not regret it! GetUpside is a brand-new cash-back reward mobile app that is on its way to shaking up the industry for the better. Successful users of the GetUpside mobile app can earn cash-back on transactions such as petrol, groceries, restaurants, coffee shops, and everything in between.

Reasons to download GetUpside:

  • WORTH IT: Find the best deals and use GetUpside on top of other discounts like coupons and loyalty programs.
  • QUICK: Take the snap of your receipt (which you used for Getupside) and win cash-back – it’s easy! Money appears in your GetUpside account in less than 24 hours.
  • CONVENIENT: Find new deals near you every day – it seems like they are paying you to run your errands!

Gas Offers:

  • Save on gas – up to 25 ¢ per gallon every day
  • Save on the station market – up to 20%
  • Save three times more than loyalty programs like Plenti, Fuel Rewards, or Safeway Gas Rewards – or use GetUpside in conjunction with those programs to earn double.
  • Save money by paying less than the advertised price.
  • Participating gas stations include Shell, Chevron, BP, Marathon, Sunoco, Exxon, Mobil, Citgo, and others.

Deals at restaurants, grocery stores, and other stores are available in Washington, D.C., and the surroundings! In DC, Maryland, and Virginia, you can save up to 35% on restaurants and 15% on groceries. Companies want you to shop with them, so they make one-of-a-kind deals that you won’t find elsewhere.

Deals on the Market (only available in Washington, DC):

  • Save money on food with up to 15% cash-back
  • Save over three times as far as you can in additional programs
  • Purchase precisely what you would like and will need to spend less on your entire bill.

Restaurant Deals (available in Chicago, Washington, and Texas):

  • Save money at restaurants with up to 35% cash-back.
  • You save every time you eat out, unlike coupons or Groupon offers, which can only be used once. Obtain a discount on your Entire bill Once you eat in your

Popular restaurants. 

GetUpside participants can be found at the towns said below. To find most of the locations where GetUpside is available, download the program.

Offers in Filling Stations:

  • Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Saint Lucie, along with
  • New York: Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island

Offers in Filling Stations, Exchange, and restaurants:

  • Maryland: Annapolis, Baltimore, Silver Spring, and more
  • Virginia: Alexandria, Arlington, Charlottesville, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and more

Is GetUpside Scam or Legit

In one word, Yes, it’s a completely legit app to get some savings. It is not a scam at all. If you are concerned about getupside apps whether legitimate or not, then make sure to read these comprehensive details facts and prove that will hopefully clear your thought about the apps so that you can use this   application that works to earn extra money and at the same time save money every time you fill up on gas.

We did some great research to find out if apps are legitimate and we rely on user feedback and comment as well as review from both apps stores which provide a glimpse of its legitimacy.

As of today, in facebook review platform, it has more than 1012 user feedback and based on that in average it got a 4.4 rating which is great because it is backed up by other platform reviews which we will discuss in a while. 

One user of getupside named Allen Paulus reviewed and said that “Great experience so far. I have saved over$70 so far !!” and many other reviews you can check yourself if you’re interested

As it  took control of the total US east coast and is increasingly spreading and offers completely transparent cash-back applications that allows you to connect your credit and debit cards and shop as usual.

In google play store, it has more 86,866 thousand reviews with an average of 4.5 rating form it android apps user which show that this app is good and legit apps.

Moreover it got more than 1,000,000+ downloads and it updated on March 25, 2021 and current version 4.53. Also it provides details Upside service inc as mentioned in google play.

And in apple apps store it is number #17 in the Travel Category which tell you the popularity of apps and users. It got about 118.7k rating with a whopping 4.8 star out of 5. Think again 4.8 start out of 5. We considered anything above 4 and up is a good app since it got 4.8 out of 120k reviews which lead us to the conclusion that this app is in fact legitimate and able to provide some good discount on your daily gas and food purchase . 

So, we recommend to download the immediately from apps store and start earning cash back from gas and other stuff that you deserve and make most out of your hard earn income and save some while thing that you normally do.

How to use GetUpside Apps?

As you might already know that what getupside offers and how you can bale save money while fill up gas and buy food for your everyday needs. 

In one sentence, after you have downloaded the app from the store and created an account and used promo code in the promo section , you can find it during the registration process. 

Then after that, open the app and see the local offer that is closed to you and you able exactly see what disocunt and reward you can get if you are fill up the gas with that specific gas stations. 

After that you has visited one many discount gas station that you find on the app, make sure to use your card to purchase the gas and upload the receipt to getupside apps then you can able get that bonus credit that you can able transfer to your bank account or paypal. 

That is essentially what’s the apps is all about. They are other alternative but find this one is popular and offer good deals from many brands such as 

Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Racetrac, Speedway, Bp among many others nationwide. Still, there are also places where you can also find restaurants and food purchases.

Most importantly, to use the apps make sure that must enable the locations so the apps can locate your location and offer you closest gas stations that offer discounts as well as different categories such gasoline, restaurants and foods.

You are able to find the specific gas price for regular, sliver, and prepuim and which options offer the discount so it will be easier to know when you are at the gas station so that you will not miss on saving and earn cashback. 

Now let give little extra guideline on how to  claim the offer, when you have the receipt and  to take a photo of the purchase receipt make sure that key data are visible and easy to scan.

Take the photo and getupside will analyze the receipt data to see if it has the necessary data to complete the process.

The data your receipt needs are the following:

  • The last four digits of your card
  • Business address
  • Date and Time
  • How many gallons did you pay?
  • And the total of the invoice.

In some establishments, you can do another type of check-in, and in these cases, you can omit having to take a photo of your receipt.

In the Get Upside terms, they say that you can have up to 10 days to process the receipt and that the money is available in your account.

In my experience, the money is already available in 24 hours, and I have always received an email notifying me that the funds are available. You can charge it through PayPal, a check, or a gift card. But you need at least $ 1, so they can deposit the money.

Where Does GetUpside Work?

As we mentions earlier that the app offer more than 9000 gas station around the us and offer almost all the well know brand that you have fill up the gas everyday. Thats make this so easy and effective way that you can save money. 

Earn Money Through GetUpside Referral Programs

Who doesn’t want to earn extra on top of their saving on gas that this app is offering to us. And that’s the reason for this app to offer and develop a great referral program that allows its user to earn extra by referring their family and friends to its customer base. 

In one way, it helps users to earn income and in other ways it helps the company to expand and grow the user so more people can save money as well as it can offer better deals because more users have more negotiation power and companies have to get better discounts and offers for app users.

It is a win-win situation for all of us. To mention that there is no limit on how many friends and family members you can referral to the apps. So the earning potential is sky high and you will love to know, whenever your referred person buys each gallon of gas, then  you earn extra $.01 dollars for every gallon. 

Again the earning will multiply quickly and you can get this earning as long as your referred member purchases gas and upload receipts to the apps. This is a great deal for each member to earn extra income while doing nothing.

Do not wait to download the app and start referring people to use the app so your earning can immediately start and increase quickly and that will help people to save money as well as for you to earn and save.

Thing to know About the Apps

To Get gas deals from big brands like Exxon, BP, Shell, Sunoco, and etc open the apps and check prices at local stations, fill up your tank and pay with any debit or credit card and upload receipts to earn savings. It enables you to estimate the purchase price of gasoline whenever you enter your destination and the version of the automobile that you drive. The website is updated daily using average domestic, local, and state gas prices.

Make sure to follow the GetUpside terms of service to avoid any future legal actions against you or anyone who violates or misuse their service . GetUpside’s reserved right to remove or suspend you from using their platform to save money if you do something that is against their terms and conditions.

You should send any document that is illegal and or any other type that is certainly not receipts. This means that it will not tolerate any explicit and hatful comment or thought. So you will lose access to the apps. 

It is a great opportunity for you and others to earn cash back for certain things or habits that you do daily while saving some money. It is similar to other apps such as rakuten, dosh, ibotta, but getsupside especially offered to people who have cars and need to fill the gas in gas stations. 

The registration process is simple and straightforward, and the interface is intuitive and user-friendly. So you don’t want to wait while losing money and nobody wants to lose, everybody wants some saving on their purchase. So use this getupside promo code and get started on your saving money on gas journey.  

How Does GetUpside Make Money?

A question might go across your mind, this app will help to make money and save but why its offering free money and what is the benefit of the app company to provide this bonus.

This is a legitimate question to ask because it provides clues on whether this app is legit or not. 

So in simple, GetUpside apps tons of affiliate partners in major gas brands so when you upload a receipt so that this app earns some money and it is win win situations for brands as well as for the app. 

In this digital age, due to its competition, almost all major product and service brands offer some sort of incentive for customers to buy or use their service and that’s where these apps and referral companies come in handy. 

They make the process easy and simple for the brand and for customers so both of them can be happy about the experience so customers can continue to use the way to purchase the product or service and the brand can keep this incentive for customers without spending having to run the programs. 

For that reason, these apps companies can earn some of the difference of money that brand offers to its customer. Moreover, that’s the key reason for these apps companies to offer incentives to their members for referral earning bonus. 

Another reason is that the cost of advertisement is high these days. It is far better to offer a referral program than marketing on media such as television, or billboards or search engine advertising which is known for per per click platform.

Also, Partners may promote certain products by increasing the points made. After all, repeated purchases of a commodity category will eventually increase customer loyalty and greater brand awareness.

Getupside Promo Code for Existing Users

If you are already a member of GetUpside apps then you might search for promo codes for existing users but the true fact is that it hard to find promo code for existing user. We have did some research and find some code for existing user that are valid and working to save you money as on your next gas pump visit.

SHOPPER2020¢ per gallon12/01/2021
SHOPPERS3535¢ per gallon09/30/2021
COMEBACK66¢ per gallon08/31/2021
7CENTBONUS7¢ per gallon08/31/2021

That is through the app referral programs. This is one way to get money that is able to give you livingable options. How is that possible? Well, when referral enough people to the app, and they continue to use that app to purchase the gas and other things, you will receive $.01 dollars for each gallon they fill up. 

When you have registered with GetUpSide, you will have the promotional code you can share with your friends. Just add your promo code/referral link on the Getupside official app to share with our community and start earning more rewards.

GetUpside Alternative 

Although Getupside is a great source of save some money and earn rewards, we have decided to include some of the alternatives so you might want to go through and decide for yourself why one app is better than others. 

So you can fully appreciate the benefit of using the apps. It is possible that every app has it positive and negative that it could be in terms of usage, money, speed and many others. 

One of the great and kind of unique features of this that others apps do not offer is discount (amount of rewards is little due to these apps are for only their company) and remarkably referral programs which makes appealing to any one who wants to make extra money while doing nothing.  

So without further due, let’s have some alternatives and what feature they offer and other details on the feature and relevant information that you might want to know before downloading the apps other than this app that we are recommending to you. 

The top alternative to Getupside are as follows:

  • Trunow
  • Gasbuddy
  • Dosh
  • Speedway
  • Mobee

Let’s have a little bit of details of each of the alternative apps.


Trunow is an app that offers and is able to find cheap gas deals near you. Also you can earn cash back for every gallon you purchase from any gas station in their affiliate base. 

According to google apps store, there are more than 10000+ apps installed and it has about 230 reviews as of writing this post and it got 2.2 stars out of 5. And that tells you how good the app is . 

Although, we have not personally tried this app, if you decide to try and have any feedback, please let us know so we can upload these feedback so other users are able to get the benefit of it. 

Few facts are this app was last updated on March 13, 2019, that is more than years without any update, so if you are planning to use it, then most likely this app will not work properly for your device since it has updated content and features. 

The process is easy and simple, it works similar to the Getupside apps but the key difference in its features and benefits and other such as referral programs that help you to earn more. 


Another option that offers cash back and earn discounts is called Gasbuddy. It is currently rank #22 in the travel category of apple apps store and it has 4.7 rating and has about 377.1k customer reviews which is really amazing to see and watch. 

According to Gasbuddy website, on average everdays, 22.4M cards transactions, $5M in savings, 83M gallons of gas pumped and others. One unique feature that this app offers is that it has owned cards programs that allow it to earn cashback easily. 

Also, in google play store, it has more than 10,0000,000+ installation and apps are up to date. It has about 789,725 reviews and an average of 4.4 rating which is .1 less than the getupside apps. 

Overall, it is a great app that you might consider along with GetUpside due to Gasbuddy not offering cash earning for referral and that in my opinion, is not great because you will lose out on money if you don’t use the apps .


Dosh is cash back apps that is one the simplest way to earn cash back automatically.


Speedy Rewards members can track points, view their club status to see when their next free item is coming up, and stay up-to-date on the latest bonus point offers, redemption items, and raffle prizes.


Earn money by mystery shopping local businesses. Simply add the app to your iOS or Android computer and look for a mission you’re interested in. Answering the five to ten questions takes just a few minutes, and you’ll be registered for quality and credit points within 24 hours.

Final Thought

We have discussed lots about gas apps. So what do you think, which are better apps to use to fill up the gas tank for your car? Make sure to comment below.

We recommended the GetUpside apps due to its popularity  and continued improvement and two special programs that offer cash that could be transferred to your account or paypal and referral programs that are money earning machines once you have some referral members.

So download the app and start earning and save money today. We will provide some faq so if you have any questions regarding the apps, hope that faq will be able to provide you with an answer you have in your mind.


Is the GetUpside app legit?

We have answered this question in great detail in our post. But in short, GetUpside is completely and free legitimate money saving on gas apps. There is no doubt in that and if you want find details please check the post section where it mention about this topics

Does GetUpside money expire?

According to GetUpside terms of service, cash back earnings will expire and you will not have access to it unless you redeem for cash or gift cards if you are inactive more than six months.

What is the catch with an upside app?

There is no catch. It is straightforward and simple apps that save you money without any issue or problems. 

How long does it take to get a gift card from GetUpside?

It takes about 24 hr to 48 hr to get the gift cards code to arrive in your email inbox. Make sure to check within the timeframe so you start to spend on things that you want.

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