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Ibotta Promo Code “kvywosc” to Earn $20 Bonus to Start Saving in Ibotta Apps in 2021

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Stop searching for Ibotta promo code now.

Use the ibotta promo codekvywosc” to earn up to $20 sign up bonus to start your money saving and earning cashback journey. 

Note, this promo code is only available to the ibotta new user only and you need to sign with ibotta with the promo code and redeem at least one offer to earn the bonus according to the ibotta apps. 

If you are learning about the ibotta app then in short, ibotta apps are cash back apps and coupon sites for shopping and groceries. This app makes the process very easy to save money and collect cashback on daily transactions.

It is a famous cash back app that offers its customers on every purchase, whether it is performed online or in shops. When you purchase some essentials, groceries, and many other things, you will get your money back for buying with Ibotta.

How to Use the Ibotta Promo Code during Sign Up Process

The process for signing up with ibotta is very simple and easy. To get the bonus and start saving money, use the following step below.

  • Download the ibotta app from apple store for google play
  • After finishing the download process, open the apps then enter your 
  • In next screen, it would ask for promo code where you will enter the code “kvywosc” press enter. 
  • After that confirm your email and start redeem the offer and scan receipt to earn cashback and saving money.

What Is Ibotta App

As we said earlier Ibotta is a completely free and simple app for customers who shop online and in store and share receipts to earn cash back and bonus and able to redeem offers that ibotta apps provide which are based on the product. 

In essence, it allows shoppers to collect cash back on select items by completing simple tasks, purchasing the product, and then presenting proof of purchase.

Ibotta was founded in 2012. According to its website, it has paid out more than $860 million in cash prizes to more than 35 million people since then. More than 300 retailers, supermarkets, movie theaters, grocery shops, home repair outlets, pet stores, hospitals, and other businesses participate in Ibotta.

Ibotta’s success with compomers stems from the fact that the discounts obtained via the software come in comparison to other saving methods such as coupon redemption, loyalty plans, coupon piling and pairing, rebates, and other money-saving applications. It makes it an essential part of every compomer’s savings toolkit. 

This app is needed if you only purchase cheap products (usually a generic or store brand). Milk, apples, shredded cheese, frozen vegetables, onions, bananas, potatoes, bread, and pasta all qualify for limited cash rebates (about 20 cents). You will get cashback if you purchase another brand of such things.

If you’re searching for ways to save money and win cashback on food and other transactions, then it is a fantastic place to start. 

How Does Ibotta Work

Ibotta gives consumers to win cashback in a variety of ways. To start, tap the Ibotta symbol on your smartphone, which will take you to the “Offers” portion of the app, which is the heart of the app.

  • The “Offers” segment shows images of items with offers, as well as the total sum of money you will get back in cash, shown under each product.
  • When you see a product, you like to buy, press the “Earn $–” bar to see the tasks you need to do to get the money back after you buy it.
  • You’ll notice that most items have several ways to raise money. You have the option of completing one or more of the assignments. Completing more tasks allows you to raise more money.
  • Reading a reality, taking a quick survey, watching a short video, posting to your Facebook page, or making a brief message about the product are examples of the activities.
  • When you finish at least one task with each purchase bid, the item is immediately added to your “Checklist” on the Ibotta app, allowing you to receive money for buying it.
  • The majority of the tasks are easy to complete and take around the same amount of time as clipping and filing a paper coupon.
  • You would then buy the items at a participating store to receive the cash for completing the activities (see below).
  • Then go to the “Shop Extras” list, which has exclusive discounts to that store. Target, for example, may have coupons that you can only receive if you buy the product at Target.

Ibotta $20 sign up bonus

Ibotta offers a $20 sign-up incentive to potential customers only for checking out the app. After uploading Ibotta and redeeming your first bid, the bonus cash is immediately credited to your account. In most cases, people download Ibotta but are unaware that they must complete a purchase to receive the incentive.

In the other side, obtaining the bonus is easy. Buying a snack or a soda, gas station, store, grocery, and taking a snapshot of the receipt is what it takes. Now you have to buy one of the app’s items.

To beginning, you must first construct an account. You can log online or use the iOS or Android app; you’ll need to have an email address, generate a password, and type some simple personal information, such as your name and birthdate, when you first register. You’ll be able to turn on alerts and location services as well. It allows Ibotta to figure out what shops and discounts are nearby and alert you when there’s a chance to save.

You’ll be able to pick the stores where you shop most after you’ve signed in. Ibotta has 300+ supported retailers, so you’ll almost certainly find at least a few stores and blogs that are Ibotta collaborators.

The Other Best Cash Back Apps

Many websites and apps offer cashback for purchasing product, and the top 3 are listed below –

Fetch Rewards: Fetch Loyalty helps customers receive points by shopping at grocery stores, convenience retailers, big-box stores, and restaurants daily. The reward rate of the final purchase is 1%. It is the best cashback app overall.

Dosh: Dosh is one of the popular cashback applications because it offers a wide range of redemption opportunities. When shopping, eating, or booking hotel stays, this service guarantees instant cashback. Users of the Dosh app are not required to post receipts. Dosh reward rates vary on other purchases, and the rate is 2% – 3%. 

Rakuten: Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a cashback and shopping service that allows you to receive cash incentives for various purchases. Buying clothes, ordering takeout, scheduling travel, and purchase home improvement products are all examples of this. The Rewards rates are 1% to 10%.


Saving money is too easy because you get cashback every time you shop, regardless of your lifestyle changes. Start saving your valuable money right now and download the Ibatta app to get a $20 sign-up bonus.

Ibotta is an excellent way to collect cashback on everyday transactions. It is a perfect way for those who are too busy to check coupons to save money! It is an easy method to save money. Add up your Ibotta account with PayPal and PayHog to get the money quickly. 

Cash out your cash back money before the holidays and enjoy your day. Isn’t an additional $200 or so welcome just before the holidays? You will use the Ibotta app in combination with store promotions and discounts to get free or almost free items. So, download the app Ibotta and save your valuable money. 


Procedure for resubmitting a receipt?

If your document was not handled the first time correctly, you should resubmit it in the same manner as before. Check your gallery to see your desired deals surface again.

Is it possible to redeem multiples of a featured product?

At this time, all of our rebates are only available for single authentication, and repeated orders of the same commodity would not result in extra credit. You will search for the new refund if you see a related item in your gallery again because the second transaction is on a specific receipt to the previous.

How can I enter another Ibotta user as a teammate?

You will partner up with another Ibotta customer in one of two ways.

  • Use a Code of Reference to become teammates with a referral code; you or a friend must create an account using the referral code of the requested teammates. You will not be teammates if you do not use the referral code after registering.
  • Connect the app with Facebook, and it is a fantastic choice for friends who have already created profiles. To become teammates via Facebook, make sure you and your chosen teammate are friends on the social media platform. Then link your Ibotta to your facebook id. It can be achieved in the app’s “Settings” portion.

How can I use a shop loyalty card to verify?

Ibotta has several chosen customers who join in our loyalty card scheme at Ibotta. Before checking out, you must first link your store loyalty card and access your preferred rebates in order to validate your transactions. Check your loyalty card with the cashier, and you can collect credit within 24 hours.

How can I get credit for bringing a friend?

In order for you to earn the referral credit after inviting a new friend to Ibotta, a few things must happen.

  • Your friend has to sign up using the code to Ibotta for the first time.
  • They would then log in to a current Ibotta account on a laptop that has not previously been linked to an Ibotta account.
  • Within 30 days of opening their account, your friend must redeem their first bid.

How can I get a rebate at Best Buy without a receipt?

To get cash back at Best Buy, you must first check your exclusive Ibotta QR code before making a purchase.

How do I become eligible for bonuses?

Bonuses are an enjoyable way to increase your profits depending on what you choose and where you shop. As you advance toward a Bonus, a bar will appear around the Bonus picture, indicating your progress. When you complete a Bonus, it will color in, showing your accomplishment.

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