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Best Shopkick Promo Code “WIN003944” in May 2021 [Use the Shopkick Invite Code to Earn 250 Free Kicks]

3 Mins read

Stop searching for shopkick promo code in google or any other place. 

Use the shopkick promo code “WIN003944” to get the 250 kicks sign up bonus. It is easy and very simple to earn extra money. 

This shopkick invite code only for new users who never use the shopkick platform to earn any income. 

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to get a free gift card then use this platform to earn free gift cards for things that you normally do at store shopping. 

In this quick overview of shopkick, you can get some sort of ideas on shopkick and you want to learn more about and answer all the questions you might have, you are able to get answers from this blog post. 

If you can’t find an answer to a question then feel free to send us your question or comment in the comment section, we will reply to your concern. 

Shopkick are patterned with hundreds of retailers to provide you with kicks that can be redeemed to gift cards. It offers popular gift cards such as amazon, walmart, target and many others. 

How to use Shopkick Promo Code?

It is very super easy and simple to use and get the bonus to start with the platform. 

Follow these step below to get shopkick sign up bonus

  1. download the apps from app store (available on both app store)
  2.  Open the app to started the signup process, after you have provide the required information, you will get to the homepage 
  3. Click on the human icon, then go to section called “ promotion” and then go click on the link called “Add invite or promo code” 
  4. Pop up will appear and it will have option to enter the invite code or promo code then use the code “ WIN003944” to  press the apply button so you will get 250 Kicks for free
  5. Make sure to complete a walk-in, or scan or earn 10 kicks with 7 days to get the bonus. Just go to a nearby store that you can find in your app , then visit the store to get the bonus. So, just do it and get the bonus that you deserve. 
  6. In the homepage on the apps, you will find tons of options to get kicks. So use those options and earn the kicks so you can redeem for gift cards. 

There are few ways to earn kicks. The most common way that everyone gets kicks is through walk-in, scan, and receipts and one other you can earn kicks is to refer friends to the its platform to earn the 250 kicks. 

If you have a blog or use any social media platform such as youtube channel, facebook, twitter and many others then you can promote your code through these platforms to get the bonus kick which is easy and free to do. 

Is shopkick promo code new user only?

It is completely for new users only. If you have an extsign account with shopkick and never applied the promo code then you might be eligible for promotions but if you already have redeem the first time sign up bonus then only other ways to get the bonus is through shopkick offers and referral program. 

If you try to create a duplicate account to earn the bonus, then be warned that your account might get suspended and will not be able to get it back. If you feel that you want to earn more bonus then use these platforms such as ibotta, rakuten and they offer a $10 sign up bonus which is pretty easy to get.

If you shop in store frequently then ibotta might be a great option for you because it also allows you to scan receipts to learn cashback which you can cash out to your bank account or PayPal. It also offers sign up bonus as well as referral bonus that each person uses your code to start their platform.

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