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27 YouTube Channel Money Statistics Need to Know in 2021

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When YouTube was first established in 2005, it was purchased by Google in 2006. At initially, it was just a repository for amateur films, but with time, it evolved into a powerful worldwide platform for online video distribution. YouTube offers a wide range of material, including music, education, gaming, and Do It Yourself videos, among other things. Because it is visited by millions of individuals from all over the globe, this platform provides a fruitful marketing ground for businesses. All of the data in this article will show the trends in YouTube channel use and offer insight to marketers on how they can utilize it to promote their goods and services more effectively.

Take a look at the following facts, which are worth your time.

  •  In 2018 YouTube reached about 90% of the US market.
  • In 2019, Google play store music downloads from the YouTube app were more than 13.3 million and more than 4 million from the Apple application store.
  • By the end of 2018 YouTube had about 1.68 billion.
  • $562 million was spent on the YouTube App by global users in 2019.
  • In 2019 videos equivalent to 500 hours were uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  • Revenues earned by Google from YouTube advertising were about $15.15 million.
  • 90% of the US internet users watched YouTube online videos according to a survey done in November survey.
  • YouTube boasts of more than 153 million US users.
  • The audience base for YouTube online videos will increase from 192 million viewers in 2018 to 210 million in 2022.
  • Research shows that 62% of all businesses in the US use YouTube.

(Source: Statista)

According to the data shown above, the YouTube channel is a powerful platform with a large number of viewers that can be used by people to generate money and by marketers to reach and grow their customer base, among other things. In 2019, it contributed for 9.4 percent of the total income generated by Google in a year. In light of the growing number of individuals who use YouTube, this platform has emerged as a viable investment destination for investors not only in the entertainment industry but also in all other sectors of the business world.

Commercial YouTube Statistics

YouTube’s business-related statistics below reveal what people viewed on YouTube in 2020. This information is important for businesses that focus on planning influential organic content, or the ones considering themes for paid YouTube advertisements.

1. Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion USD in 2006

(Source: The New York Times)

The following business-related data from YouTube indicate what people will be watching on the platform in 2020. This information is critical for companies who are concerned with creating influential organic content or with deciding on topics for sponsored YouTube ads, both of which are essential.

2. YouTube’s Ad revenue increased to 15.1 billion USD in 2019 marking a 36% increase from 2018.

(Source: CNBC)

In 2019, sales from YouTube alone grew by 36%, 14 years after Google bought the video-sharing site. Because YouTube’s rate of ad income growth was faster than that of Google and its company in search advertising, which had a 16 percent increase over the same time, this is an indicator that YouTube has expanded substantially.

3. In 2020, YouTube channels making six figures increased by 40% while the ones that earned five figures increased by 50% from the 2019 totals.

Source: Marker

The annual rise in the number of YouTube channels with six- and five-figure incomes is an indicator that YouTube is a promising investment destination. However, owing to a lack of traffic, many individuals are still unable to make a profit on YouTube.

4. YouTube’s influencers followed by between 500-5000 followers earn $315 on average for each viewed video compared to $3857 made by those with above 500 thousand followers.

Source: eMarketer

Influencers make more money on YouTube than they do on any other social media site. Nano influencers, who have a following of 500 to 5000 people, may earn $315 from each video they post on their YouTube channel. Power influencers, defined as those with a following of between 30000 and 500000, earn an average of 782 USD each video. Celebrities with more than 500 thousand followers earn an average of 3857 dollars each video.

5. Most channels on YouTube earn $0.5 per 1000 views of each video.

Source: The Silverstrom Group

To make a sufficient amount of money on YouTube, one must understand how to monetize his or her channel. The more the number of views a video gets, the greater the amount of money earned through YouTube. The average income is also dependent on the location of the viewers as well as the channel’s popularity.

6. A YouTube channel gets paid an average of $18 for every 1000 ad views.

Source: Influencer MarketingHub

According to the amount of money that a channel receives for 1000 views of advertisements, this amounts to $3 to $5 every 1000 video views. As a result, ad views are worth more money than video views in most cases. It is necessary for a channel to have many subscribers in order for more people to click on the advertisements, thus making your channel famous, which in turn attracts companies who give you promotions.

7. In the last five years, partners who monetized their claims using Content ID were paid more than $2 billion by YouTube.

Source: YouTube

The Material ID serves as the copyright for any channel content that is made available. Over the past five years, two billion dollars have been paid to copyright owners associated with YouTube material.

8. YouTube was used as a B2B research tool by 50.9% of decision-makers.

Source: CFOtech

This places it first among all social media sites, including Facebook, which is used by 48.5 percent of B2B decision-makers, WhatsApp, which is used by 38.6 percent, LinkedIn, which is used by 33 percent, and Twitter, which is used by 29.2 percent of B2B decision-makers.

9. 70 percent of the people who purchased from any brand had seen its ad on YouTube

Source: Forbes

An April 2020 Google research, which polled 2000 YouTube viewers ranging in age from 18 to 64 years, corroborated the findings. According to the findings of the research, YouTube is an excellent medium for brand marketers that want to grow their client base and boost sales by using video content.

10. YouTube’s ads that targeted intent increased intent to purchase by 100 percent more than demographically targeted ads.

Source: Think with Google

Advertisements that are targeted to intended viewers result in a 100 percent rise in the viewers’ desire to purchase from a certain brand. The advertisements also help to improve recall of the advertisement by 32 percent. A combination of purpose and demographics was shown to improve the performance of an advertisement by a small margin. Viewers who view intent-targeted advertisements are also less likely to skip advertisements. YouTube advertising that target intent are viewed for much longer lengths of time than those that target demographics.

11. It is predicted that YouTube will earn revenue worth $5.56 billion by the end of 2021 in the US alone.

Source: eMarketer

This implies that Google will earn $1.5 billion more in income from YouTube advertisements in 2021 than it did in the same year in 2020. The number of marketers that utilized TrueView for Action to promote their businesses increased by 260 percent between 2016 and 2020.

12. YouTube ad revenues rose from $8150 million in 2017 to $19772 million in 2020 globally.

Source: Statista

During the period 2017 to 2020, YouTube’s worldwide ad income continues to grow at a steady pace. By 2020, YouTube’s worldwide revenue has increased by more than twofold from its 2017 revenue. The rise in income is due to a proportionate increase in either the quantity of advertisements or the frequency with which the advertisements are seen. Clearly, YouTube is a viable target for many brand marketers across the world, as shown by this figure.

13. In 2020 YouTube emerged as the top subscription app earner after it earned a gross revenue of 991.7 million USD globally with 562 million USD from the US market alone.

Source: Sensor Tower

YouTube was the number one app in the world in terms of in-app subscription purchases in 2020, as well as in terms of app store subscription purchases. According to App Annie’s 2021 statistics, it retained its top ranking even in the first quarter of 2021, making it the most widely used app on the internet at the time. According to this statistics, internet users spent more money on YouTube’s in-app purchases than they did on any other application. There will almost certainly be some effect on the decisions made by marketers and investors in the coming days as a result of this new occurrence.

YouTube Channels Ranking Statistics

An rise in the amount of money made through commercialisation The popularity of the YouTube platform may be deduced from the number of subscribers and the amount of traffic that the site receives on a daily basis. The data shown in this section indicate that YouTube, when compared to other social media sites, is becoming more profitable.

14. T-Series, with its 169 million subscribers was the most subscribed YouTube channel by January 2021 while PewDiePie, a video game commentator, was number four with almost 108 million subscribers.

Source: Statista

Since T-Series is a multi-channel network that broadcasts Indian music, and PewDiePie is an independent stand-alone channel that broadcasts video game reviews, the two channels are in direct competition. As shown by their tight rivalry in terms of subscriber numbers, this shows the increasing division of YouTube subcultures as well as how far the site has been monetized.

15. By January 2021, channels that feature either music or children’s content were leading in monthly views.

Source: Statista

The popularity of a YouTube channel is determined by the material it provides. The most popular channels were those that had a lot of music or children’s programming since they received the most views. T-Series was the most popular video in January 2021, with about 3.8 billion views. It was followed by Cocomelon, a video including children’s songs and nursery rhymes that has been watched more than 3.13 billion times on YouTube. The T-Series channel also surpassed all previous records, garnering 147.23 billion video views by February 2021, making it the most watched channel in history. Cocomelon was the most popular video, with 96.55 billion views. In third place, with 46 billion views, was Ryan’s global channel, which had been the most popular until 2020.

16. A 2018 US survey revealed that 27% of vlog viewers watched product reviews once every week.

Source: Statista

By June 2020, Ryan was the highest-paid YouTuber in the world, earning $29.5 million dollars a year. A large portion of his revenue came from advertisements placed in his films. He was also the highest-earning YouTuber in 2019, with earnings of 26 million USD per year.

17. YouTube channels earning $10 thousand annually increased by 50% while those earning $100 thousand increased by 40%.

Source: YouTube About

There has been a significant rise in the number of channels that generate more than $10 thousand dollars per year in profits. Indications from the increasing number of channels making ten thousand dollars or more per month are that YouTube is still a profitable platform worthy of investors’ attention.

YouTube Consumption Statistics

Specifically, this part will look at data that indicate the method and degree to which YouTube is being used. The patterns and demographics of YouTube viewers will be emphasized in order to assist you realize that YouTube is still a viable marketing tool as well as an investment possibility in the future.

18. 73% of all U.S. adults visit YouTube compared to 68% who use Facebook.

Source: music:) ally

According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study, YouTube was the most popular social media site among most US people, surpassing all other platforms. Facebook came in second place, with a 68 percent popularity rating among people in the United States.

19. Of each of the US females and males that visited internet platforms in 2020, 72% of each gender visited YouTube.

Source: Statista

When asked about their internet use, 72 percent of females in the United States said they went to YouTube, according to a study conducted in the third quarter of 2020. The same proportion of all male internet users in the United States went to YouTube as did the previous year. Male or female internet users in the United States, YouTube received more traffic overall than any other website, according to data from Google Analytics. 62 percent of all users accessed YouTube on a daily basis, which made it the most popular social media network among both male and female internet users in the United States. The messaging app was used on a weekly basis by 92 percent of the respondents, and on a monthly basis by 98 percent.

20. A 2021 Phew Research Center survey indicates that 82% of all U.S. male adults use YouTube compared to 80% of all female adults in the US.

Source: Pew Research Center

YouTube is more popular among male adults in the United States than among female adults. According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, men are more likely than females to use YouTube in the United States. The gender disparity was 78 percent men and 68 percent females among those who used the service in 2011. The use of YouTube by both men and women has grown significantly in 2021, with males accounting for 82 percent of all users and women accounting for 80 percent of all users. In 2021, the disparity in use between the sexes is expected to diminish.

21. 77% of those who use the internet in the US from 15 to 25 years visited YouTube in 2020.

Source: Statista

YouTube is the most popular website among internet users between the ages of 15 and 25 in the United States. As a result, it has become a popular platform among the vast majority of young people in that nation. YouTube is also popular among individuals between the ages of 26 and 35, with 77 percent of people between the ages of 26 and 35 using the platform. Binge-watching YouTube videos is popular among millennials (18-34 years old), but it is somewhat less popular with those over 75 years old (51 percent), according to the Pew Research Center.

22. A survey by Statista in 2019 revealed that 82% of YouTube users use it for entertainment compared to 23% who use it for news.

Source: Statista

The majority of YouTube users are there for leisure purposes. According to the respondents, additional reasons include brand following (18 percent), other objectives (13 percent), connections (8 percent), and professional networking (7 percent).

23. 16% of all YouTube traffic is from the US compared to 89% from the rest of the world.

Source: Alexa

YouTube is popular in many nations across the globe, with the United States being among the top three. There are 265 million YouTube subscribers in India, and the United States is on track to surpass that number by 2022 with 210 million users.

24. 51% of those who use YouTube users visit the site daily compared to 74% of daily Facebook users

Source: Pew Research Center

YouTube is just behind Twitter when it comes to everyday users, with 42 percent of its users engaging in daily activity on the video-sharing site. According to a 2019 Phew Research survey, Facebook is the most popular social media platform, followed by Instagram (63 percent) and Snapchat (61 percent).

25. There is a local version of YouTube in 100 countries in 80 languages.

Source: YouTube About

This makes YouTube widely accessible in the world.

26. In 2020, 87.1% of US media marketers used Facebook to market their businesses while 75.3% used Instagram.

Source: eMarketer

In 2020, Facebook and Instagram were the most popular social media platforms among marketers in the United States. Twitter was the third most popular platform, with 66.5 percent of the vote, followed by YouTube, with 53 percent, Pinterest, with 35.8 percent, and Snapchat, with 32.7 percent. Nonetheless, as YouTube and Instagram continue to grow in popularity, it is possible that marketers may contemplate decreasing their engagement on Facebook.

27. More than 70% of time watched on YouTube comes from mobile devices

Source: Source: YouTube About

This is essential for content producers and marketers because it allows them to choose the optimal video format to utilize when uploading videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites.

Final Thought

YouTube is a video-sharing platform with a market capitalization in the billions of dollars. The platform was purchased by Google for more than one billion dollars. It is the most profitable of all Google platforms, and it has the potential to be worth billions of dollars if Google decides to sell it. The fact that YouTube is expanding at a rapid pace means that it is competing with other popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Despite the fact that the majority of content producers who post video to YouTube are not on their way to becoming billionaires, others have made millions just by uploading content to the site.

It is the favored online platform not just by a majority of the demographics in the United States, but also by people all around the globe. The majority of individuals use YouTube for amusement purposes, but there are a handful who use it to receive news, to communicate with friends and acquaintances, and to network for professional opportunities.

This video-sharing website generates a substantial amount of revenue in the commercial sector. In terms of content, income, and user and subscription growth, it has seen significant development, making it a promising platform for both investors and advertisers.

In order to raise awareness about their goods and services, businesses may take use of YouTube’s trustworthy advertising platform. Ads on this platform may reach a large number of individuals due to the fact that the platform has millions of members all around the globe. The platform therefore becomes a valuable tool for marketers looking to promote their brands and boost sales.

The most important thing for investors to grasp when it comes to making money on YouTube is what is currently trending. This includes things like the most popular channels and demographic patterns among YouTube viewers. This knowledge will assist you in identifying the strategies that will benefit both your brand and your bottom line.

We believe that the data shown in this post will assist you in monetizing YouTube in order to generate more income.


Q: How does the YouTube Platform work?

After Google purchased YouTube in 2006, YouTube employs a search engine that is only second to Google, which currently controls the video-sharing site. Because of the power of its search engine, anytime users search for any information, they are shown with videos that are relevant to the subject at hand.

It allows you to save movies and share them with other internet users in a simple and convenient manner. Content producers are free to submit videos on any subject of their choosing. Videos on YouTube may be readily shared with others through various platforms and email addresses. The videos may be inserted into other websites via the use of scripting. Viewers may leave comments on videos, share them with others, and save them for later watching.

Q: What information YouTube Analytics provide?

According to the answer, YouTube Analytics collects information on the first referrals, the first time a video is embedded in a different website, the number of views attributed to each referral, the demographic popularity of the video, and the number of comments and ratings left on individual YouTube videos.

Q: What does the term YouTube channel mean?

Answer: A YouTube channel refers to a location where YouTube viewers may access anything they want to watch, and it is associated with a particular person as well as an email address, as explained above.

Q: What is a YouTube account?

A YouTube account is also referred to as a YouTuber in certain circles. Essentially, it is a Google account that allows you to establish a YouTube channel, which functions similarly to a YouTube member page. It also allows users to post videos, provide video comments, rate videos, and mark videos as favorites, among other things.

Q: How is YouTube useful in business?

Answer: YouTube’s search engine is only second to Google in terms of popularity. It is the third most frequented website in the world behind Google and Facebook, and as such, it may aid in the development of your company if you utilize it to reach your target audience by posting your videos or advertising on videos posted by others.



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